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I think I read about 6 or 7 of Brian Weiss books. I enjoyed the first few a lot but not so much latter. I did past life regression through a woman who trained under Brian Weiss but I have to say I was not very impressed. I thought I was pretty much imagining things. Perhaps they were real but I have my doubts. I would love a LBL remembrance...lucky you, Miss H!

About the closest I get to that is every once in a blue moon I feel as though I've walked through a vortex or something and colors are alive EVERYWHERE...shimmering and so beautiful! And the sounds I hear it's like music but yet doesn't seem like it's music...I don't even know how to describe's so natural and as though it's as natural as breathing in the air but this is a sound but so beautiful and natural me it sounded like music but labeling it that doesn't even do it justice. Perhaps I just lost my sanity for those moments...but I can remember each time perfectly...the shimmering energies...the colors...the sounds and seeing movement in things that I wouldn't see in a 'normal' state.
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