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Originally Posted by neptune13
Reincarnation on 'Earth' has so far, not achieved it's purpose because this planet is filled with such 'Evil, Corrupted, Negative, Energies' from the spirit realm and these energies are thriving. Why haven't those people who have chosen 'Reincarnation been able to fix the problem so far. Earth Herself Is So Beautiful. Her Human Children Have Left Her Scarred and Deformed. We are her cancer and all of you humans who chose reincarnation have not done enough to fight off her 'Spiritual Demons and Her Human Corrupters'

I have told many stories and could tell so many more, but humans as a whole were not given a way out 2000 of years ago. I know there are stories that tell so but that is not the same as they are true (nor that they are false). The problems of Earth started long before humanity were given birth, the problem might be the humans, but it is not fair to completely give them the whole bill. We are some that come back life after life trying to save this planet and some day in the future we might succeed. But many keep talking about a person who is said to not have reincarnated in 2000 years (if that is true I do not know) and beings who have never lived on Earth, why are they not down here helping if they care so much, that I wonder?
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