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Originally Posted by Amilius777
Someone like Jesus for example chose his mother Mary, his harbringer John the Baptist, and his apostles and sent them into the world before he incarnated. But this is a Master Soul who can do all things like God.

I have another story where Jesus did not choose (maybe chose some) and that those like Mother Mary chose by themselves to take such a life. There will always be the argument what came first the hen or the egg. But IMO Jesus is no better than any of us, in my eyes we are all equal, he might just have been around the block longer than most. But talking about master souls, then there is many on these forums that is on his level or even higher, yet none of them possess any abilities no one else can develop. There might be many reasons to incarnate and we all have different stories. Some might to some degree choose for themselves, others might be forced, while some probably got tricked or a mix of things mentioned or not. But in the end it will always be our own choice, though it might be that some on a soul level is yet to realize this. Possibilities there are many of and just maybe dawn will fall upon Earth one day and forward a brighter day will emerge; for such a sight even the toughest of incarnations would be worth it if you ask me
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