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Originally Posted by H:O:R:A:C:E

by and large, Hypnagogia appears to be uncomfortable and undesired by most.

I used to love Hypnagogia as the images I'd see floating towards me used to be so very strange and random. I'd later on try analysing them but they did not even fit in with my normal dream images. I stopped getting Hypnagogia when I started doing the WiLD method of lucid dreaming. My Hypnagogia before I changed LD methods used to just be random and not something I actually aimed for as I was aiming for a LD so basically just was a fun thing experienced along the way.

Note the Hypnagogia I used to get and enjoy would of been very scary to someone who did not know what it was as the images were of not nice things but I was not worried by it at all, knowing what it was and just interested in studying any images which came up.
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