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Originally Posted by Yeshe
Thank you so very much for sharing the words of wisdom from your Tibetan Lama Friend with me, words of wisdom indeed!
Well – thanks to the Lama for that good practice


BUT – there is a bitava problem with sharing/mixing cultures & I think “The Song of Hiawatha” is a good example of this.

Shamanic chants are a tool Shaman uses. The rhythmic repetition is trance inducing - like the drum, plus if you intend to journey to the lower world – you might chant the oral tradition chant – to take you there. Till you, in the trance – are ‘there’ - and stop chanting.
If you encounter an illness – you might chant the healing chant/spell.
Just sketching examples here.

But if you listen to the chants in a Hiawatha - reciting mere poetry - way:
No matter how beautiful it may sound – how much it can potentially touch you emotionally - elevate your spirit towards “Oneness” - the original use of the chants becomes obscured and lost in translation from one culture to another.

When your culture becomes another’s – it becomes diluted, focus is on other things entirely and if you start to believe these other people’s version of it - all becomes lost.
If you know what I mean?

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