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I call it 'crystals'.
I have a love for crystals and I have many. I don't make the distinction between quartz or gemstones, I'm not buying or thinking in technical terms. I'm buying and thinking from the heart and intuition.
I don't have a preference for quartz nor for gemstones. My preference is feeling-based.
I wouldn't even know which ones would specify as what, hihi.
Something like morganite and aquamarine... is that quartz? I don't know.
I think what I own is 50-50, but not entirely sure. I don't really fancy amethyst, smokey quartz, rose quartz. I do have them but they're not my favorites. Citrine I do appreciate.

A while back i walked around to see what I have most of. Turned out to be calcites and opals. Not sure if that is still the case as since I have bought quite a lot of Lemurian energy crystals which tend to be quartzes.
ANd I bought a lovely chunk of rough Luna Rose crystal, which is rose quartz with basalt. So half is grey, half is pink. It's a new found crystal from Namibia. Rare for me to buy rose quartz, haha. And what would that be? Quartz or gemstone? I don't know, nor does it matter to me.
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