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An Ode to Matt Warne Devolution

I want the moderators to know so many, so many, so many have been helped by this forum and have ended up in Heaven because of it. Even if we have our Christians who do not understand it. But so many have been helped I wanted to write an Ode to the founder who is honored here.

A man in love who fell with the twenty seven club
Who longed to give so much to the doves
We honor you on this site where we learn and pray
In the hope of going to Heaven to meet you someday

A friend to us you are for eternity always guiding us
Who live to thirty-one dying of the same Invictus
To know that is a poem you loved with the spirit of a dove
Pray, rejoice for the Christians know and never will us

They sacrifice us as Revenants to return to the dead and teach
Like those Masters Jesus, Buddha, Allah did preach
But our soul can never die, our soul lives on to teach
And in the end Invictus did we teach and preach

Know devolution you are loved in every way by the Prophets
Know devolution we conquered all the Christian pay for teaching Profits.
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