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Question about protons/electrons

Originally Posted by technisophian
Hi all :)
Something I cannot find out...Sorry if it's dummy question..

What does it mean, that the proton is ( + ) charged and the electron is ( - ) charged?
What is the difference between posit. and negative charge?
What is the meaning of the one and of the other?!

(Shouldn't have cut classes back then in high school )

Hi Technisophian,

Welcome to Spiritual Forums.

As WildHairedWoman suggests, it would be helpful to ascertain the answer to your question from the wide array of articles (especially in Wikipedia) explaining "the meaning of the one and of the other". (See 1st reference).

However, I think you will also find the 2nd reference quite informative, considered from a different perspective on knowledge of how "another arrangement of atoms" can be very helpful, indeed.

BTW: No "charge"


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