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Originally Posted by Kine Lea
Karen's recording of the UK cell phone tower is amazing.
"Beam me up Schottky" I think I'm hooked!
I know, right?

Then after that, you take a nice little trip down the other end of the EM spectrum to VLF and ELF and hear the 'earth noises' like electrostatic energy and magnetic forces.

...and one builds something like this for the heck of it:

It's called a Tesla Spirit Radio and doesn't use the normal radio at all. You can get some good EVPs through this as well, but you need to be real patient and filter out a lot of background noise.

However, here are all the EVP frequency ranges anyway:

After that I went and studied some spectogram readings of germanium crystal atoms before discovering...

E.J Goldd and his amazing crystal radio that refines a RF signal with great accuracy and it's called a crystal quantum radio. I tried to find a link of one of these in action, but failed.

On youtube, there's a user called Greg Manchester and he builds all types of Spirit Boxes and diode receivers...

Greg Manchester, E.J. Goldd, Chicago Spiritwave (home of 'Andy's Box') and Mr. Fix It Rick are the places to go to learn about all of this stuff.
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