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Originally Posted by LonerWolf
Hi All, I hope you're having a blessed time on your journey.

I have a question, it can be complex or simple depending on how you look at it I guess. But, how does one heal on all levels? I have read and believe that all levels of being are related to one another and not really separate. So if one is to heal on an emotional level, mental and physical healing also must be done.

That being said, how does one heal at will? Do you meditate on healing, where do you focus your attention out of the infinite places to possibly focus on? How do you come to recognize blocks and limitations and false beliefs and negative programming on both a subconscious and soul level? Once recognized how do you release or change the 'problem' at hand? Is acknowledgment necessary? Or can you simply heal a problem by allowing it to be done despite not knowing what the issue is?

Thank you for your time, much appreciated.

First paragraph INSIGHTS are from TRUTH (God/Source/Self/No Self) ~

You DO NOT DO the Healing part ...... that part is DONE in an INSTANT ~!
you do not need to identify nor remove the blocks ~ Mind loves that ..... for it knows that will give it a lot of time ~! Time is not your friend ....... the TIMELESS IS your ALLY ~! You don't release it either ~ Is acknowledgment needed? GREAT question! YES! How can you overcome anything denied?!~
"heal a problem?" ....... another great question! You cannot HEAL a problem ..... if you try you EXTEND the problem! What is seen as a PROBLEM is UNDONE in True Consciousness! The problems are self created by ego identity to create time! Now LET GO that as an idea too ~!

Your PERCEPTION needs CHANGE ...... not through effort ....... but through INNER STILLNESS ~
Your HEALING comes when your desire to cast off ALL ILLUSIONS and RECEIVE the TRUTH that you already ARE is PURE and COMPLETE~!
Stop trying to SOLVE that which CANNOT be solved at the level it was created (mis-created) ....... ALLOW your HEALING to be DONE~
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