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Hi Folks..

Theo; Its not so much that I don't accept it - it is His truth after a fashion - but for sure its a case where I tell you we just cant TRUST the bible version, as first, it is a twisted teaching there, aimed with intent to hold us captivated, dominated and wholly reliant on the church for ANY HOPE of "spiritual salvation" - and all that is bogus compared to what Christ actually taught..

We dont even need a religion to know His truth - to know my Father is a PERSONAL and DIRECT communion - to be sought out in a personal and direct manner... You do NOT come to my Father through sitting listening to someone else dictate His truth for you - neither do you get it by reading never ending contradictory scriptures... Christ said the way to the Father is to be found WITHIN the Self and NOT out in the world out there at all....It is an INNER journey, where the aim is to first empty the mind of ALL these erroneous preconceptions of "truth" He said... he gave us LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of WARNINGS - about the church, religion its authority and its IMPOSTER GOD !!

Second most crucial point - that god of the bible Yhvh - is NOT the Father, great Invisible Spirit that Christ alone revealed - it is indeed two entirely seperate truths here, and when the priesthood realised this truth from Christ was legitimate, they acted to SILENCE Christ and as we know they murdered Him...Never forget that - they ARE ENEMIES - and this is because in truth, the Jewish god is an imposter Christ said and is NOT the supreme Divine Spirit it had claimed itself to be....To protect their own authority, status and power, to protect THEIR god, the priesthood murdered Christ - never forget that - foundation for ALL the deception that will follow, done IN HIS NAME just as HE WARNED it would be done !!

The religion itself is an entire sham - and the bible it gave as truth is only a twisted truth - NOT ORIGINAL - and it is twisted with intent to hinder your spiritual evolution, not to help you at all - it is given that way to keep you dominated and subservient TO that lesser "god" Yhvh, and it really is exactly like that if we dare to take an HONEST look..

That entire new testament in the bible is a FRAUD - the central religion itself, only became established because of a need to stop a civil war - Constantine INVENTED the catholic religion and FORCED it upon everyone !! The bible is just the "rule book" to show everyone how it works.. its not the ORIGINAL truth from Christ - and the canon gospels are manufactured, taken like modern cut n paste, from hundreds of PRE EXISTANT manuscripts that were gathered together by Constantine so that hs OWN scholars could MANUFACTURE the "religious truth" that he could then enforce and make them all follow in harmony as your official Bible !! Its NOT the original truth at all - it is truth, severely edited and misrepresented, with intent to dominate all, and this agenda had absolutely NO SPIRITUL concerns AT ALL - purely an exercise in "crowd control" as Constantine stuggled to unify his diverse empire and spiritual truth was of no concern at all.. This is all verified by INDEPENDANT HISTORIANS for as we know Romans were meticulous record keepers and tell us word by word what the actual instruction and intent were that led directly to the modern bible we now have...It IS a fraud - that is NOT the disciples writing those gospels !!

There is only really one source of truth in this world - he Holy Ghost as Christ alone revealed.. I will tell you first that I follow Christ and believe I attained that prize directly just as He promised.. THAT is my primary information ALWAYS in every aspect of my life now....When though upon occasion such as this, I need an external verification for any truth - well, the Holy Ghost simply provides it lol - shows me where to look or what to do find that which I need...For this here - truth frm Christ - we don't have far to look at all - just go directly to ANYTHING that the religion banned to you as heresy - see what it is they try to hide from you - check out the ORIGINAL disciple gospels from which the bible canon is taken and twisted to form the "religious truth" - you wil see Christ speak clearly of al the things I mention in my own posts -ORIGINAL and untainted truth give directly Christ to Disciple...
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