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Hi Folks..

Theophilus; Good post.. Now I know we come from completely different approaches to this issue of Christ truth, but that above is absolutely spot on, I have to say...

The only bits I would disagree with, are the bible reference parts - Adam and his supposed "original sin", was actually a twisting of the event in Eden, where mankind learned the truth about this god and our predicamant under it and decided to rebel against it for obvious reasons - and although Christ DID come to "save" mankind, it was not for the reasons or in the manner that the bible states - sin and the "atoning sacrifice" that He gladly gave for us, is entirely misunderstood by most, as it is taught in a deliberately bogus manner by the religious authority so that they can with hold His gift and force you to bow down and practically beg them for it...

The essence of what you say about HIM, as the Word, integral to the Trinity that literally CAUSES Creation - all that is entirely accurate ,as He Himself described it...But the religious connotations there, are entirely misleading FROM that truth - the religion take His truth, takes truth of Our Father - and twists it so suit their own agenda of power and domination.. He warned us they would indeed do that in His name - so be wary, always - damn that Pharisee, He said, yes..??..
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