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Movies that tell the truth about spiritual matters

Ok what I am going to say is gonna be a surprise to most lol, but the most honest and insightful movies that I've found in that regard are from the 80s and are cartoons.

They are Care Bears and Rainbow Brite, which they also have tv episodes but these two movies in particular reveal a lot I think. Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer and then Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation. The Care Bears In Wonderland movie is also awesome..
Anyways, I started noticing how true it was some years ago when I was admittedly smoking quite a bit of pot.. but I guess that my increasing awareness in general and age had more to do with my realizing how real it was.

Some of it has to do with the bad things going on in the movies. and then the ways that they are able to defeat the evil and overcome the struggles. I guess that the New Generation name is sort of telling, especially since it's said that the 80s are when indigos and other such individuals were populating the Earth more. Color is prominent in both movies and color holds a lot more value than we realize. There's some science about chromotherapy or color healing, but obviously color penetrates much deeper than just effecting us through eyesight.

Nature is big in both of the movies, and Rainbow Brite is known for her color crystals and the important role they play in power. The reality of crystals is only being gradually uncovered and understood. On a negative note, one of the most telling things or scenes in Rainbow Brite is when Spring doesn't come to Earth because they eventually find out someone is trying to steal one of the bright planets by wrapping it up in rope. If you know anything about geoengineering or pay attention to the sky now, it's clear that the sun isn't able to shine as much as it used to, and it was eery how long Spring took to spring when I lived back in Wisconsin still, though now I live in Alabama in the southern U.S. so the weather here is much better, and actually less of the 'climate-changing' activity is centered here. but anyways that's a digression. well there is a character who literally makes rain and storms too.. there's also the fact of technology playing a role in the movie, and it being nasty giant robots that are doing the covering up of the shiny planet. Another yucky part of the movie is this blobby murky creature in the movie which gets created by numerous smaller parts combining.. which parallels realistic biotechnology unfortunately. but I don't want to focus on the bad, And Rainbow Brite and her crew of color kids do win out in the end.. there's even one called Indigo, as well as the other colors which have their own special gifts.

To be transparent I can't think of all the revelations I had before because it was some years ago I really put thought into and wrote about this, but there were just a lot of random little and big things that rang true.

As for the Care Bears movie, it is about some kids at camp and ultimately the evil character shape shifter plays primarily as a boy attending the camp.. and he gets saved by one of the girls and at the end of the movie he returns to good, with the help of the Care Bears and lots of love and caring lol.. and magical color beams sent his way of course. Many people here are probably familiar with and use color healing, visualization and sending light etc.. so I suppose I am preaching to the choir on this. It's depicted in the movies as fantasy yet it has power and validity in actual life, and even some scientific evidence supporting its efficacy.

Well I guess that you have to watch the movies (again or for the first time) to see what jumps out at you, but I thought it was pretty cool anyway, that my childhood beloved classics and my growing consciousness caught up with each other. I suppose as children we may have already been more aware of these things at the time than we realize though.

So this thread is also about sharing other movies that you've found interesting spiritual truth in, whether they are modern or from before you were born. I spend a probably embarrassing amount of time watching tv and movies nowadays lol and while I see some truth or value in most of the things I watch, I've been wanting to find out other shows or movies which are enlightening, because that'd be a better use of the time, and may be even more entertaining.
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