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Originally Posted by Jillity
I quite understand why people charge for healing but I feel it should be made clear what you will be getting in return. For example, when I contacted a healer and told him what I could afford to pay I wanted to know how many healing sessions I would get in return as I had no idea whether the minimum payment covered just one session or more than that. The healer sent back a standard letter about people asking him to provide his services free and this was followed by a long list of testimonials. It wasn't an answer to my question at all.
I wouldn't charge for healing because I'm still learning and can't offer testimonials. My services would be free for some time until I have the confidence to ask for a little in return.

Hi Jillity,
I had the same issue when I became a reiki healer. I only did healings for myself and my son for the 1st year. Then I prayed for some guidance about charging. I became enlightened about my issues with charging (fear of charlatans or being one) but I was also told that it was my free will to choose how to settle the need for an energetic exchange, rather than money.

I chose to offer my healing sessions in the service of God. Itís been wonderful because I know my intention for the healing and God blesses me in ways That I need. My son and I have all that we need, plus ice cream!!
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