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Question Check out these pics! Please

Anything that anyone can offer me about what they make see, sense, or get
from these pic's would be greatly appreciated!

I took still photos from a video that was shot on a phone. The quality isn't the greatest, sorry, I did my best.

To sum it up, it is night time as the car pulls into the driveway and stops. Two orb-like spots come from the side and hover above the car. They zig zig around, still above. The smaller one leaves but can be seen in the background later on. The larger one at times looked to have wings and is sometimes very bright. They both leave once the car is turned off along with the headlights, like immediately, they just disappeared in the air. They didn't fly away or anything. They hovered above the car for at least 20-30 seconds.

Its possible that this is a bird, a bat, or something, but it didn't appear that
way to me, and no one else has even mentioned it. To me, it was very

Someone please tell me if you have seen this before, if is bird, or
something else?

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