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I believe there are those who choose to create harmony and there are those who choose to create disharmony. The varying levels of degree depend on how sick the person is mentally emotionally spiritually is to how much disharmony they thread in this planet and species.

Just as the more a person chooses harmony the more it ripples out and enriches this planet and species.

I really enjoyed white warriors rant, when reading WW's this is what came to mind for me.

Has anyone here read Waris Dirie's biography Desert Flower. It's an amazing story and funny in parts too, great sense of humour, a story where she ran from evil to save herself. I applaud her for fighting against Female Genital Mutilation when she was in a position to do so, yet women whom I have conversed with in the past here in our western world seem to think that FGM is "ok' because they deem it as cultural, where as Waris whom is actually from Somalia deems it as brutal and is trying to help women change it in those parts of the world. Funny things humans are, I root for Waris, she is from there she even knows it's not right/evil.

As to why Evil/Disharmony exists, it's time for it being part of our world to teach us, is well and truly passed it's used by date, there is nothing more we can learn from it, it's been around for so long, I wish it would give us all a well deserved break.
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