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I don't like the word "evil" to be honest but it's a useful word as a definition.

It's so hard to distinguish what is us and what is another. I've had badness presented to me at times, for my hackles to rise and for me to go eeek - and then I look to the self and I realise that it's just a teacher come to shine a spotlight on some part of my life.

then there was the lady at work - the company I've just left. She was truly vile to me but that was more based on her fear of me, her own incompetency. She managed to direct it to me, now I've gone others are bearing the brunt of her. It was unfortunate.

Then, there's the issue - we are human and we make mistakes, and that's not an evil.

I do believe in badness, evil, whatever. But for me it is part of the yin and the yang, and creates a balance.

A good saying, never fear the shadows, they are only there as the sun is shining.
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