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When you say that sometimes the healing does not seem to work , I bet it is working, but it sometimes takes longer and needs more to be sent or given, if that makes sense. I have not done a healing course, this is only what i have learned through attending a spiritualist church. I have a lot to learn!!!
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I have a wife who is a reiki practitioner and she feels that the one thing people do not take into account in the healing or not healing argument is karma.

I know some people ridicule the idea of karma but personally i believe in this universal cyclic force. Sometimes no matter how good the healer or how strong the reiki energy it is quite simply in that persons karma to have to go through what ever the trial or suffering that they are going through.
You can put energy into people and they may be open but sometimes it isn`t supposed to be cured, sad as that my seem, sometimes our problems are there for a reason.

That said however the enormous benefits that reiki and other forms of spiritual healing can offer should never be decried.

Some people think we are physical beings and while we are here we are on a spiritual journey
when it is the reverse that is true.[/quote]