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I'm a Reiki level 2 channel myself, plus I do Quantum Touch and Kinergetics which is a combination of Kineseology and Reiki. I don't work professionally with it at the moment however I'll use my skills on anything that moves and sometimes things that don't move... me, other people, the cat, tree and plants, other animals, insects, the earth, even my car. Everything can benefit from energy.

With energy however, no matter what the modality is, all the energy comes from one source. What differs is what people label that source... Universal Energy, God etc. They all work only when the client recieving the energy wants it too. The practitioner plays a vital role too. If they don't have pure intent while the healing is taking place, then reduced to no energy flow takes place.

For those of you that haven't attended classes or had any attuments, it is possible still to channel energy on a conscious level.. I did it myself. It just takes a willingness to believe in yourself. Good luck to you.

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