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Originally Posted by FairyCrystal
To be honest, I don't think it happens all that often. Spirit doesn't give you more than you can handle, and few people are ready for Kundalini Rising.
The reason for that being that your energy system has to be able to carry that energy, and in order for that you first have to clear all your chakras, meaning work through personal issues and baggage and inner child trauma.
I've been active in the spiritual / intuitive development / energy work community for such a long time that I can say it doesn't happen that often.

Personally I believe that many who claim to have Kundalini trauma have personal issues.
It's kind of like everyone suddenly knowing their TF, like 10 years back everyone was with their Twin Soul (not the same) and had an Indian for a guide and a wolf for a totem animal.
Fads & hypes.
Especially people with problems need something to latch on to to make themselves feel a tad better. It sounds better to say "I have Kundalini problems" than it does to say "I cannot handle my chit".
I don't mean that to offend, it's in a way human nature. It's our egos that do that. And especially if you have problems, the ego gets out of control.
And it's not much different from being insecure about your love life and then watching or drawing Tarot card readings again and again and again until you get an answer that pleases you.
Human nature.

In rare cases Kundalini can be awoken by serious trauma / shock. But as I said, that is rare.
It's also not smart to try and force Kundalini to awaken, because if your system isn't ready to carry those energies they'll do damage, not good. You cannot do anything with it until your system -and thus you- are ready.

But again, people don't like to hear that. They want an Indian guide, a wolf power animal, a Twin Flame, Kundalini Rising.

Very honest and well put. Positive Vibes!
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