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It is a rough path, pitfalls everywhere one looks. Seemingly no way through it - even when you have a teacher and think HE knows a way through it, in the end if you are paying attention you find out he didn't know any more than anyone else you might find on the streets. Unless you think 'magical' abilities actually have more meaning that they really do I guess... but even the teachers know better than that lol!

And no thanks from anyone, the best you get if you go to a lot of effort to get anywhere at all and decide to talk about it is a lot of people trying to steal what you have from you. So mostly, those who understand find a reason not to stop and talk.

They may frame the decision to be silent in more flowery words, often about how it is not good for others to tease them or whatever. But it comes down to the same thing, deep down inside noone wants the burden that comes with communicating about this, even if they are silly enough to want to go down this road at all.

With one major exception in our written history but you can see what happened to him... noone wants the same for themselves I guess.

as far as study it is very easy... just hold your breath. 'breathing without breathing' goes very far. But nothing happens fast lol!
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