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Originally Posted by Busby
There was no one better to catch a glimpse into the workings of the human mind than Jung.
My philosophy is simple. We live in a world of mind and matter and have yet to understand the power of the mind in which we live. Jung called this the collective unconscious, All those things which we define as paranormal or supernatural are, in real terms, actions or projections of the human mind held within the field of one great mind.
Natural or physical laws cannot be broken. There are no miracles, no walking on water, no manna from heaven. Only mind can create and only mind can imagine.

I do a point. The conscious human mind is a very low level tool for day to day function. Paranormal occurrences and supernatural events are well beyond (para) the levels of (normal) humanistic comprehension. These laws you mentioned are not being broken, they are a different set of laws that our measly brains cannot begin to interpret. It is only by enlightenment (unlocking) the doors to the universe via meditation, OBE, NDE, or actually passing into a completely different existence, that will we ever truly know.
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