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Originally Posted by Busby
I don't think there is anything 'paranormal' or 'supernatural'.

For me everything that has happened to me that cannot be explained will, one day, be explained. I don't mean that science will explain these things but slowly as understanding is unfurled, we'll begin to comprehend how everything hangs together.
C.G. Jung started to understand how the universe works with his excursion into Synchronocities and the collective unconscious.
Anyone who has experienced a true synchronocity, as I once did, will get an overwhelming and even shocking glimpse into the information stored behind the thing we call reality. And I'm not talking here about co-incidences.

I have tried to talk to people about the things that have happened in my life but it is all to no avail. These are personal things anyway and if they get into the ears of the wrong persons it can be damaging.

I find it fascinating that you don't believe anything is paranormal or supernatural, yet research the teachings of Carl Jung. Is it that you don't see it as "beyond normal" in relation to what society dictates, or do you believe it not to be true? I fully agree that things we cannot understand will be explained to us one day when we experience a different level of consciousness. I also believe that there are mysteries to the universe that we will never get the answers to.
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