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Most are driven by 3rd dimensional truths. What they actually perceive as the truth in this world. Most of these people are sleeping and have not awakened and may never awaken either. To try to prove anything or have them believe in your experiences is akin to banging your head on a wall, you'd have a much better response from that action because at least the drywall gives eventually.
I simply believe they don't wish to have anything take away from their 3rd dimensional world that they've built up because this would cause a crack in the hollogram and they just will not tolerate that. To think that there could possibly be more than what their bubble contains may cause fear or from what the society norms intend for them. Those who are still sleeping know nothing but what is told to them through dictates, television, news, etc....To accept someone who is sharing experiences that they can't understand or conceptualize simply makes their world as they know and accept less than they thought it was. Much better for the sleeping to ostracize someone who is awakened, taunt their beliefs or criticize them because nothing beyond what they know in the here and now exists for these types. Very sad, but also very true.

I consider myself very lucky in the sense that I was also given a gift of what I feel is the ability to not only recognize the signs and symptoms easily of those who are awakening but also to discern those I can help along the path from those who will never see the light and are to young in their development to even try to share with. I have to date successfully helped two people (friends) on their path to enlightenment in recognizing they were opening. And I feel very happy that I was able to help them and their development in recognizing what they were going through. And even though I'm not sure how spirit works in every aspect that somehow caused us to become spiritual linked or connected in many ways.
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