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As a Medium I am taken often to this world one's call good and evil in spirits that are around them. Many times its perception that makes it flow with whom I am working with in the living. What I find is never 'evil' on that level of what I personally would feel it is, something that could take me out of the picture for good. While I have faced things no on would want to contact I am still alive so was it that 'evil' as I do not feel that the 'good' in me holds the power to change things.

When we look at the evolution of man to survive we did need leadership and we did need to have those that could lay a path for us to follow to live. We needed to work more as a group collective and get along. Even in that place we had those that did not go that path and did things that could be thought on as 'evil' to others. At times it's used for control its used to keep us in our place to give us the fears in early childhood even to keep us from wondering too far from home. That there are bad people out there that can harm you, that will do evil things to you. When we look at the mass of people out there the 'evil' ones that do things are very few and far between.

I just have to look to the TV show I have on everything they speak on is "demonic' is 'evil' man if its pitch black and your locked down of course the brain is going to play it all up into being bad. Its not bad its just that they feel it is in the dark. That the people are bad that are in spirit. I just saw a shadow LOL yet its not on camera......LOL. It cracks me up.

I have done investigations where I have found things that physically interact with me leave marks on me, pushed me and pinned me at times, yet I have come to find they are just spirits that suffer from lack of understandings or need some closeure on the life they had. Evil would take us out for good.

LOL here we go again with the I'm getting a really bad feeling here....LOL the shows crack me up. Your looking for a dead person that is not the only dead person there.

I do not go to God being the divine force of good nor Satan being the force of evil. More I feel that man creates that path for them self in the things we are capable of all doing. We can all kill and we can all bring in new life. To me there is only one plane of being in the Universe its just that parts of it have a veil or thin curtain around it. We can all access it.

Be good to the only person that truly matters YOU!

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