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I can't wait until my next life.

Yeah, guys. Sorry for another one of those threads again.

I guess this one is more of a vent than i am asking a question but i guess sometimes venting helps. As much as people keep saying to me to focus on this life, i am eager for my next life. Being born female in my next life is something i look forward to very much.

Someone on another site said this to me which i will copy from there and paste it in the quote below:

I guess the "worst case analysis" from your viewpoint is that when you are through with this life and are there on The Other Side discussing a possible next life - then you could just do exactly the same as I will be doing personally and literally refuse to reincarnate ever again. The question of what sex your body would be in another life wouldn't arise then anyway.

Here's the thing: not reincarnating is far from acceptable for me because i've had a life as a male, and i hate, resent, and condemn that i've had a life as a male that's currently ongoing. Just for the experience i want a life as a female! Not only that, i want to remember that i wanted this so badly. I don't want to forget who i am or my personality. All the things i like now i want to carry all those things with me into my next life.

Even as i am transitioning, there are still things i don't like about my body now. As bold, silly, or whatever else this may seem, so be it but i also want my next-life body to look a certain way... not only that but to be raised as a girl, to go through puberty as a girl, to enjoy being a girl, to appreciate it all, and to be a human female from birth to death, and to be a female in many consecutive lifetimes after this.

For clarification's sake, I don't ever want to lose or forsake my female gender identity. Some people my think it's my gender identity or my strong connection to a past life as a woman that might be the problem but it's not... not for me at least (because remember not every trans person is the same). It's me being born in what i know to be the wrong gender that i have the problem with.

Also, i may've been a woman in my past life... and as much as i hope for that to be the case i don't really care. Some people have this position that i probably were a woman in my past life but something really bad has happened to me, whereas my soul thought at the time that it'd be safer for me to be a man. Well, if that's the case my soul was wrong for thinking that, in such a way that being a transgender woman is more dangerous than being a regular woman. I'm still transitioning nonetheless. As a trans woman i've been approached by a sexual predator... who didn't know i was trans and didn't eventually found out... but i still prefer being a woman. For this right here, I hate hearing about people who are men in this life but were women in their previous life. I feel a certain bitterness about that even in the knowing their lives have nothing to do with me whatsoever.

I also want to throw shade at the people who think it's okay to look down on me or at me with a raised eyebrow because i want to experience womanly things like menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. or for wanting to be a woman to begin with because least we forget we live in a world that treats female like second-class citizens. How thoroughly crass of them! Just because you don't appreciate it or don't like it doesn't give you the right to judge me for wanting it because i really want to know what it's like and i can't and never will accept never knowing what it's like! Being a man has its advantages and disadvantages just like being a woman has its advantages and disadvantages... and i will have you all know one thing: i would gladly and happily throw out the manly advantages in exchange for the womanly disadvantages any day or night of the week, and i won't ever let anyone tell me otherwise.

I would ask if it were remotely possible for me to be born a female in my next life but i already did a thread asking that and it was my first one when i registered here. I'm about 90% sure i will though. But reincarnation is the last hope i have of me ever getting to experience life as a full-fledged female and i won't ever let anyone take that away from me... ever.

I rest my case.

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