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Dear ones, whatever stands in your way and appears to block you is your greatest teacher. You are prompted to look deeply at all that is presented to you and then

solve the problem using your spiritual strength and wisdom. Examine the outcomes of your past and what you have learned in seeing from a different angle, whatever

stumps you. Be creative in how you solve problems, these are just the many tests to understand your own resolve in shifting your awareness. All of your experiences

are colored with your perceptions and beliefs, yet once you become accustomed to seeing life as a game, you will begin to enjoy the many aspects that your lessons

manifest as you learn to see all as one, in all its various guises. Have you gained the sensitivity to realize that every appearance is but the one acting as

a mirror for your greater awareness? See beyond the obvious, the opposite ends of polarity are actually joined. Stretch your wisdom by understanding how creation

operates as a bridge to your own heart. In this play called life, it appears there are many actors, some are dark, some light, some between. Could the outcomes be

otherwise with so much to be gained in wisdom once you are seeing that that there is but one actor playing all the various parts. You will surely gain wisdom and the

dream you view as reality will begin to unravel. Notice dear ones, what it is that most upsets you. What moves you to anger? Here is what you need look at, then

heal. If you are feeling anything beyond peace and appreciation, then there is some element of outside blame that you have overlooked. These appearances and

feelings are for you to understand as unhealed aspects of yourselves. The deeper you dig, the more you will find what is hidden. The masters do not scowl or find

unhappiness in their existence because in understanding the finer details of duality there is freedom born of seeing beyond the obvious images. You are meeting

yourselves every day and in every opportunity so you can finally understand your value and beauty. Each actor that brings you to emotional blows or balance are your

teachers and dear ones, truly you are your own teacher. The deeper understanding of oneness does not leave room for blame. When there is self love, there is love

for all. As each of you awaken to these ideas, be gentle with yourselves and hold each lesson dear. What you gain in understanding on the earth, will be shared as a

gift to others. Set you spiritual goal to the highest standard, know yourselves as oneness, then love yourself, forgive and let go of the illusion of separation. Your glory

is in your varied expressions of love toward yourselves and each other, as the all. In love, dear ones illusion is overcome. Babaji
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