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Hi Lynn,

Thanks for sharing your perspective and experiences,

The two phenomena are indeed connected, but it remains a mystery, in what way exactly.

My own theory is that some sort of Kundalini activation precedes most psychic phenomena, even if it is subtle and not perceived by the person in question.

The Chakras are gateways to other dimensions of reality, it matters which one is activated when psychic phenomena occur.

I have been able to astrally travel a few times, but it was generally unplanned and occurred in very deep meditation. In my case it was generally preceded by full Kundalini activation, all the way to the crown.

One time I was taken out of my body and into the underworld, against my will. It was a very disorienting experience and I imagine very much like what death is like, if it doesn't go well.

I also had an OBE/NDE due to an accident, where I hit the top back part of my head and lost consciousness for several minutes. I was just floating around blissfully in the bathroom where it happened, still able to observe my surroundings, but unable to move around much. I could still hear my flatmate calling my name and banging on the door and could see my own body lying on the floor. Returning to my body was like flushing water down the drain. I felt constrained and trapped afterwards.
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