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Originally Posted by Staceyboo
Hi, am 32 and single and have been my whole adult life I had a long term boyfriend in my teen years which ended when I was 17 and never had a relationship since. I've done the whole bar seen and never got anywhere and now I've been doing online dating I've been on loads of date but nothing ever comes from them am starting to think something must be wrong with me. is there something am doing wrong I wouldn't say am ugly (not gorgeous )am over weight size uk18 but i dont think thats my problem because i haven't always been over weight I think maybe some people (like me) are not meant to have relationships and are just mean to be single there whole life or do you think there's someone out there for everyone i hope there is someone out there for me and i meet them soon but i am starting to give up
What do you guys think
Ithink there are a lot of singles out there like you. In your situation and asking the same question. Two of my brothers are still single. One in their fiftees and one in their sixtees. I think its too late for them now to be honest. They are set in their ways.
Maybe you need to focus on what you have got in life not what you havent got. That might change the dynamics. But i probably would be complaining like you if in your situation. Such is human nature.
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