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Originally Posted by rajeshny2003
Hi All,
Being a Hindu , I believe in rebirth from the time I had sense. Because of some recent experiences in my life I really want to find out who are certain people and what relationship I had in my past life. I tried Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), but I could not be hypnotized and I wasted a lot of money. After that also I tried 3 times (after meditating for few months to prepare) and still I could not be hypnotized. Is there any other way (other than past life regression and meditation) for finding out. I am continuing meditation but not had success till now regarding past life visions.
Any information is appreciated.

Hi Rajeshny. You said you tried QHHT and wasted a lot of money. The practitioner should not have charged you anything until you got some result. Where are you at? I would be willing to help depending on your location.
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