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Having a mental construct is useful. Which is what cards are as well, just more structured and relying one's effective use of the 'the probability pot' for accuracy. I adore them frankly, but I can't carry 7 decks around in my purse so having other methods is useful too. Think of it as a well stocked Tool Kit. lol

The Chat Forums here maybe a great place to practice. Let people know they'll get what they get, its all for recreation and you'll do it until close to fatigue and will stop even though more people maybe in line for a reading. Drink lots of water to extend your reading window.

Once a week I read for 8 hours a day and do someone every 20 mins. Several times a year I do 3 days in a row of 8 hours a day a person every 20 mins. Being extremely well hydrated makes a World of difference! I also surround myself with Orgone Generators (see my website) so I don't have to pull energy and my field and aura stay supplied.

As far as looking into the future, near future is fairly easy (say a week or two) but the further into the future you look the more random events can upset the outcome. Future Seeing is a Probability based on Current Energies.
You pick a stock on the stock market and predict its trends and see how it plays out over a year. What I found was I could see a stock up to 6 numbers correctly one week in advance, but with each passing week there was an increasing wiggle and the numbers started getting less correct. A year out and it was mush, the odds of it actually closing at what I saw were very low. Even would the stock go up or down got squirmy.

So if someone asks, "Am I going to get married this year?" ooooh, that's going to be a tough one. Too much random energy and influences come into play.

Another thought, the energies easiest for you to pick up will be one's which you easily recognize, meaning you have resonance with. Energies you can't relate to will be very hard to perceive.
Let's say you have never lived abroad as an Expat in a country which didn't like the color of your skin and you didn't like the regional food, so you don't have that frequency set of experiences and emotions so it would be very hard to connect into another person which is dealing in those energies and correctly interpret it.
You might see conflict, struggle, home sickness and feelings of being invisible or slightly oppressed but might interpret it as 'trouble on the job' or 'a person moving to a new town or state' right?
So as psychics the more life experience we have, the more frequencies we can recognize, the better we are as Readers.

If you are waiting for words and sentences, another great style for reading, or do automatic writing you are going to get more information if you can tune specifically to their frequency or their Higher Self and Team. Learning to tune oneself like a radio to another's frequency comes with time and practice. And one needs to have a good solid grounding, cleansing, purifying and cord cutting method for separation afterwards for general safety. (Though this is true for all readings of course) I try to not get in anyone's field too much, it has it's side effects.....which is not strictly true as during Psychic Surgery's I go inside people bodies and study damage...but again this requires some very solid energy management.

Just random thoughts as I procrastinate the next chore. LOL :)

"If you want to understand the Secrets of the Universe think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration"
Nicola Tesla 1856-1943

When asked by a reporter how it felt to be the smartest man alive Einstein responded "I wouldn't know, ask Tesla."
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