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Originally Posted by CrystalSong
I find asking questions to be the best way to get information.
If I don't ask I will only get basic information on people, while this maybe amusing, we all like to look in the mirror so to speak, it doesn't become useful for the readee until it gets specific and to the NOW moment they are living in.

For pure intuitive readings you could do is develop a format for getting information.
So perhaps visualize them as a tree, what type of tree are they, what does that mean to you? Is the tree broad and spreading? Is it tall and straight? What season is the tree in? What does that mean to you?
Does it have many branches reaching out?
Does it keep it's branches close to the trunk?
How tall is the trunk before the branches begin?

Let's say how the tree looks to you means certain things to you.

A tree with a short trunk means the persons spirt hasn't been in the Earth re-encarnation cycle very long. A long trunk means someone has been around a long time.

A tree with spring buds means a young person just opening into life.
A summer fully leafed out tree means someone in the prime of their life.
Fall colors someone moving into their silver years or Autumn of life.

A tree with many branch's extending and reaching out might mean someone with a large social circle and many friends.
A tree which holds it's branches close to it's trunk might mean someone who is an introvert or selective about friendships.

Look at the color of the leaves, what do they mean to you? Do they correspond to the aura color, or maybe something else.

What about the bark of the tree, does smooth tender bark easily marred mean a person who wears they heart of their sleeve? How about thick knarled bark, does that represent a person who's become calloused by experience or perhaps has gained much wisdom and is 'tough skinned'?

Look at what you see and Notice and ask questions, 'what does this mean?" Speak your answer or insight to the Readee.

Just ideas to further develop as a Psychic :)

Thank you for your response, and thoughts, CrystalSong.

The tree visualization sounds a very interesting to try, I will have to try and make time to try this during energy reads sometime soon.

I find with the energy readings I do it isn't hard or too much work to get the imagery it comes but comes on slowly at times. I find though I have had sitters describe to me exactly the image of another individual I have seen in relevance to them the sitter, can not go into detail unfortunately, as do not want to jeopardize confidentiality. Or I have been able to describe the interest another has in clothing colors, or at times, hobbies they may have recently been working at, and have been thinking about. Much of what comes to me is present or past relevant, but I have had one example of an upcoming event (social) for a person come up.

It is not that the images are not detailed, but in themselves I do not always know what they are relating exactly. Example an Image of a person, no image of the face but you somone standing walking down the street, on their sleeve you catch a glimpse of the color orange, and then maybe, as they continue to walk you catch again the orange color on the belt. I have had something similar come to me. But if I would have interpret it as do you do a lot of walking- the results may vary, I had to feel what it was the image wanted to say, I asked my intuition which told me, it may be they like currently to wear this color, or may have taking an interest in this color for wearing. So I will then ask what my intuition or gut feeling says, and the individual noted yes, they had taken an interest in wearing orange. A lot that comes can be accurate in my readings, however they are simply not very long messages, I will get 3-5 things in one sitting about a person. Sometimes it is emotional things they are going through, that need to be talked about and released. Sometimes it is hobbies they have been working on or have worked on in the past, sometimes (and this one is strange to me) it is I can ask a person if they have done chakra work or are working on areas of the chakra- that I can see in mind's eye, that come up in mind's eye- and feel them too, and they say yes, I have, or I have been working on that area.

But I usually have been so far with the energy readings alone gotten 4-5 things tops about a person, and then I am tired, and feel the need to rest.

But I personally do not feel I should have to use tarot or pendulum to get more- although those readings have been interesting, as I feel the energy readings despite their length are going well enough, and I am constantly and pleasantly surprised, when I am able to relay accurately. I need absolutely no more proof in psychic abilities and that we as human beings all have these abilities inherently.

I will simply keep practicing and doing what I am doing.

Thank you all for your responses and suggestions, they have been greatly helpful.

The tree visualization is very interesting and sounds an excellent method to try, CrystalSong,

Thank you.
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