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Thanks for your response.

Yes, I understand with the putting it down to paper, I am wondering however if there is techniques to come away from the state with more information.

When I read I am able to pick up on certain things about others, and many readings I have done for others I have found incredibly interesting, in that much has been able to be accurate, but I truly feel lately as though Spirit only tells me what I need to know at the time and nothing further. For me when reading I will have to sit and wait for imagery- this is with energy readings- the imagery doesn't always come right away, so I will try and maintain a level of quiet, and if still the imagery does not come right away or quick I will get frustrated a little maybe at first, then try to feel, see what feelings come up, then I will begin to get something, an image, then feelings associated with it when I focus from the image to questioning what it is in reference to and what feelings come along with it. At times I will write this straight in the pm, but at others times when I am having connection trouble I will write it on paper to send out later. I notice it takes with only a 20-30 minute period a lot of energy. The energy output does not seem equal to the time spent in other words, and I would like to make sure the sitter is getting some type of help and positivity out of the readings. I notice mine are not as long as some of the ones other members give. So was wondering what I can do, to try and relay more, preferably without total burn out. I in other words would like to be able to offer more to others, but I find Spirit communication for me does not often work this way- the world of Spirit seems to tell me certain things, like I am told of certain things about someone but it seems to so far only allow a short bit of information. I have yet to read for someone and have things about them just pour out into the page in a two page informational essay. It is more like I will get what is needed for the moment, and if I keep pushing Spirit will close down and essentially say- enough now, write what you are told and how you are told.

That is really interesting what you say about the Morse code. I have gotten with my own inner work the Japanese language via visualizing when I had more of an interest in the Japanese language. I do not speak any really Japanese nor do I write it, but had an image of it in a way come to me, so I looked up Japanese words, until I found the right word which translated to Root Position. That would seem like Yeah well that doesn't mean anything and is merely your imagination trying too hard to see if the symbols exists or means anything, or coincidence. Except to me it does mean something. I had been trying to learn to play music from my brother-guitar- and in his willingness to try and teach me he would often say during our practice sessions- you should look up root positioning or try and learn about it at the start and from that you should move up and read about scales, and base notes, and what notes go into a scale and how to write your own scales instead of just learning or trying to learn another bands song if you really want to learn more and play music.

Then it becomes not you learning another's song, but you learning to write your own songs, he told me.

So finding that reminder during meditation was interesting for me.

Again thank you for your response and opening up the pathway for discussion.

I will think about what you've said.
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