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The Gift of Time


I have been thinking about something in regards to psychic or intuitive abilities.

I notice when I offer general energy readings, I spend 30 minutes in total of sitting with the PM box open, and spend a total of 20 to 30 minutes in the state I put myself in to get a read out. The information however comes slowly, and what is given often does not fill a full forum page or two but will fill a full page on paper at times. I mean to ask how do I get more information out like other readers I see here whom are very adept at this?

I have received a couple readings with what appears to be much information, but I seem to spend time, but the information comes out in shorter paragraphs.

Has anyone else experienced this or something like this? Does anyone have any tips on ways of making it more worth reading for the sitter at all?

Thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.
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