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Originally Posted by M.Tesla
hi everyone.

I am making this nifty poll to see what you all may think as I'm curious.

Are NDEs would you say they are...
1) healthy. (Because they can help one to gain perseoctive on life/death/rebirth/their place in life)
2) unnecessary for growth and finding out the truth

Are we NDEs would you say they are...
1) caused by the brain and body
2) an actual experience with the world of spirit

Are NDEs...
1) planned by the universe/soul/life path of the soul before birth
2) completely a random occurrence

Thank you.
Be well!

Responding to your poll:
1. NDEs are not physically healthy because you have to die to experience one. But they do offer insight to a topic closed to human scrutiny for most of humanity's existence, and they are helpful in establishing that our consciousness doesn't die along with our physical bodies. It's not necessary to have an NDE in order to learn from them, since others have already had NDEs for you.

2. NDEs are definitely NOT created by the brain. There's much evidence to support this fact. NDEs are in truth not NEAR Death experiences, but actually Short Term Death Experiences. These people actually died. One Russian male was actually dead for almost two full days before he awoke in the morgue just before they were to start an autopsy. NDEs are REAL DEATH experiences.

3. NDEs can be assigned to both of your categories--both pre-planned before birth, and caused by events in our physical lives.
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