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Originally Posted by Cristina
Thank you Sourcerer....

I played with your suggestion and the Ocean of Consciousness... Very 'still' is what it is.. No, there is no distinction - just all part of the whole..

I sense what was behind - calm and settled... accepting.. I was missing something - I believe - the 'bliss of unconditional love' - perhaps I am looking for a feeling when, this is a knowing... But, I was there.. :)

And, How do I access the funny icons when I do a quick reply.. I want to add my warmth to this... for you...

Have a wonderful day!!

Love and Light,


Hello, good day, my friend! Very welcome.

You are a "natural" at connecting with Source in a very powerful, graceful way, which is a major aspect of why I was inspired to share that meditation exercise with you. You didn't miss anything. Your experience was just perfect as it was, and you actually propelled your spiritual growth further through doing (allowing) it, as your aura, your radiance, is even brighter, my friend. The Bliss of Unconditional Love is truly a knowing, yes. It is Divine Knowing. There are high spiritual emotional states of Bliss, yet it isn't necessary to feel any of these states in order to have an intuitive remembrance of Oneness, of Unconditional Love, which is what you experienced, and even carry with you--within you--now. Thank you for indulging yourself with that meditation, my friend. I AM highly impressed from the Heart.

To access those funny icons from Quick Reply, I believe the only way is to click on the "Go Advanced" tab and then choose from the fifteen smilies to the right of the text box, or click the "More" tab below them to choose from a larger selection of smilies. I FEEL the warmth emanating from you, my friend! Thank you from the Heart, and I wish you a blessed day, a blessed week, as well.

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