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Hello my friend.... :)

You are saying that it is all consciousness... that once we are fully integrated into our higher self we will see it all (ego/not) as level of consciousness that are being channeled... Ahhh... I get it best this way! Because we are pure consciousness in total. See - at a lower level - humans see channeling as something above and beyond from the higher realms - some new insight they did not know... To embrace your concept, you must go higher and see it all as coming from one source... lower to highest... knowing there can and are distortions on the message based on ?? the human personality/history/beliefs... unless one is fully integrated with the higher self... which, is our goal!! And, still, the messages filter through the human self in certain ways - or is it a totally clear message once you are fully integrated??

Sorry for all the questions?? Trying to wrap my 'head/mind/intellectual self' around it?????

Much Love and Light to YOU!!!

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