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Hello, dear one. Most people who are into channelings only want to accept certain types of messages and styles as legitimate channeling, but the Higher Self actually knows that literally ALL thought/information is "channeled," including what humans call the "ego" and "evil," because there is only One Universal Mind, there are not really "individual minds/souls" in the true state of Oneness. Even the most loving, joyous messages are vibrationally distorted by human consciousness when they are channeled. Everything in the realm of perception is just a matter of degree, my friend; it is a question of "How distorted is this message?" Or "How undistorted is it?" In a vibrational sense it's all a matter of degree, not a question of "Is this channeled?" or "This is channeled but that is not." That's just ignorant human thinking, and not the way Higher Self understands the nature of consciousness. There's of course absolutely nothing wrong with the typical, general, metaphysical definitions that many people use, but since I tend to think quite differently than the masses, allowing my own concepts and definitions to greatly BROADEN and expand, I therefore share what I perceive about such subjects from this expanded understanding.

The message is very simple, not complicated at all, but most humans simply prefer to hold onto their limited definitions, including most spiritually mature people. I am offering a new, much broader and "accurate" understanding of what channeling really is, and it is not what most people assume it is, which is a very limited definition/belief that they copy from someone else and accept as their "truth," usually without even questioning the accuracy of the definition/belief.

I know from my own experience that when I repeatedly choose to surrender to the Absolute, to Divine Truth, I am shown a much, much broader perception of metaphysics that the common, typical stuff that millions of people accept. I honor the mass beliefs of humanity, while at the same time having a very clear perception of what the Higher Self shows me, for the Higher Self has been "anchored" and deeply integrated into the consciousness of this human persona that I wear.

Whether it is from spirit guides, Higher self, or that which you may call "ego," again, all thought/information is channeled; all of creation is channeled, by the broad definition I am using, not the highly distorted popular definition. This is very simple to understand for those who have, for the most part, integrated their Higher Self. Otherwise there is resistance to it because the human ego usually prefers its "special," narrow, highly-distorted concepts, if this makes sense to you.

I AM therefore inspired to occasionally share very unconventional understandings of metaphysics, for those who have ears to hear them. I do not wish anyone to "buy" any of my messages, either, but rather to question them, take them to heart and spiritually verify if any part of them highly resonates and can be useful for their own continued spiritual awakening.
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