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Originally Posted by Internal Queries
Hel is the Norse Goddess of the underworld, the name of which is also "Hel" or "Helheim".

as for as hell being a place of eternal torment. pfffft! that just spiritual terrorism designed to keep the masses too fearful to step outside the prescribed religious dogma so to keep the clergy coffers filled w/ tithes and "love donations". a carrot/stick method of keeping the poor overloaded donkey plodding along. heaven = carrot. hell = stick.

if you never heard of such a place, never had the concept presented to you as a possibility, if it wasn't so prevalent in religion and in the media, you, in your innate Love and innocence, wouldn't even begin to consider that such a place could exist.

Not to play devil's advocate, but I think such a notion is quite one-sided. You say that in our innocence we would never be able to conceive of Hell, and yet from experience we know that very negative experiences can occur right here on Earth. Mass shootings, wars, famine, genocide, etc. I believe it is quite logical to assume that if such negativity can exist here, even if we as an individual are filled with love and bliss, then even worse experiences can exist elsewhere.
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