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''Creativity as a term is essentially a lot broader then how people define it. It encompasses, among other things, significant changes in the way people behave, the way they contact and communicate with other people, with their environment, nature, animals and plants. A complete developed creativity in a person means that that person will have a creative relationship towards themselves and the environment in every single moment.

This will be achieved by gradually losing the negative and repulsive attitude towards the environment and creativity, by growing from negative to an indifferent attitude, followed by a creative attitude. This way, by completely activating the creative function of the aura the person will become very much alive and interested for everything that is happening around her - with the goal of making creative changes in its environment.''

This creative activity is not static and is not limited by range, it is constant, guided by the desire and longing to improve everything around us.''

The rest of the text describes what happens in the aura when we are creative, but that's not important right now. What is important to mention is that the creative function can only be used optimally if other functions are working normally and in harmony with one another, basically that means we should be healthy and balanced.
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