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Originally Posted by hallow
I have a rose of Sharon that looks dead every spring until it warms up. I live in a little microenvironment. For example I work 9 miles from home. There was a 24 temp different been work and home. A 15 difference is more normal. I have many ginko seedlings all but that one is sprouting. For a plant type to survive over 200, million years I am sure it has a few survival tricks.

We have Rose of Sharon also. It is a very beautiful late bloomer. I think seeds are always smarter than me. And every year a plant pops up from the previous years seeds to prove the point.

This year it was garlic. My husband moved them because they did not thrive in the pallet garden, and well,... nothing came up,... until this spring, up pops something that looked like onions, but when we crushed a bit of leaf and we smelled garlic A very happy surprise!

We had snow and hail the last few days and freezing rain,.... but so far everything in the ground is doing well.

All the the seedlings are ready for the ground this weekend! I really want to try a cover crop between the plants of micro clover to choke out the weeds and provide nitrogen. Just a hair brained theory. Will have to find some seed first! Wish me luck!
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