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Originally Posted by Moonglow
Hi Gem,

I feel that is the cautionary tale. When a group or individual becomes to rigid in their/his/her belief and/or outlook and feels or insist it is the only and " true" for everyone and act out in oppressive ways, in this mind set. (if you will) problem do arise, IMO

Thank you

Yes, as dogmatism means being fixed in belief and that's obviously problematic.I think what people miss is there is a difference between what is true and what is known in that the truth is momentarily perceived and knowledge is a symbolic representation. In the case of religion, if the symbols, iconography, rituals were removed, it would cease to exist - because religion can't actually be observed apart from its symbols and practices. The universe would not cease to be because it is immediate and primary to experience - like, no one has to do it. We become confused in thinking what we say is about nature is true of nature. That's the primal problem with 'knowledge'. We think our mental ways of understanding nature are the truth, and don't even realise they are our own imaginary productions. This makes it all but impossible to be religious and truthful at the same time - Though the religion could be a cultural practice which expresses the communal spiritual aspect of human beings.
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