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Originally Posted by blossomingtree
What I do subscribe to and respect is that - even on these forums - there are many paths into Truth. People on this forum have reported instances of Light and Grace that came to them - opened their eyes to something new/different in this world.

Truth and Grace is unbeholden to, nor limited by, any dualistic forms or sects. Therefore, a Christian can come to know the true meaning of Jesus's message "seek and ye shall find", "the meek shall inherit the Earth", "heaven is within" - just as much as a lone hermit reflecting by the poolside.

Religions which encourage open reflection, meditation, prayer, silence, contemplation and kindness to the fellow wo/man is a good step in my books.

Of course there are sects or religions which aim to keep people from Truth - which is why I said we would probably have to filter at a more granular level before condemning all religions as out of touch and out for power. IMO.



Thank you for your words of wisdom. Condemnation of others, both as groups or individuals, is usually based on the viewing of the lowest common denominator. It is the squeaky wheel that catches our attention and wrath. How do we judge those that keep their counsel? Too often, I am afraid, that we rely on guilt by association. Yet it is the ignorant ones who catch our attention. Would our judgement of Christianity be different if our exposure to it was through some fundamentalist or Christ? In a sense, the ones that irritate us and enrage us, are bestowing a gift on us as much as the ones we admire and find agreement with. Why? Because they offer a direct challenge to us. They challenge us to understand, forgive and love. How we respond becomes a measure of our spiritual development. Can we conclude as Christ did to say "forgive them for they know not what they do"? There is a lot of room for 'light' in enlightenment.....:)
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