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Originally Posted by The Necromancer
I used to use a PSB-7 Spirit Box and I still have it, but I don't use it anymore due to the amount of conflicting information I got through it.

I go by the general rule of thumb that if a Spirit Box has an inbuilt sound bank or if the white noise is synthetic - chances are, it's fake.

I have used a lot of spirit box apps and I have heard the same word like "Angel" or "Devil" said in the exact voice and tone about half a dozen times throughout the session - I have very sensitive hearing in that way.

If I ever got into spirit boxing again, I would use a Radio Shack Hack, or modify an old radio to do the job....much less chance of it being fake that way.

I've posted a few sessions on here, but I gave it up to pursue more spiritual things. This wasn't helped by the fact that nobody really believed it anyway and I was the only one who did.

It also wasn't helped by the fact that famous spirit box users on Youtube claimed to contact the ghost of famous celebrities just days after they died, when that's all the radio would be talking about...

When you are able to post links, run them by me and I'll have a listen. I can communicate with these beings anyway and I'll be able to tell you if the application is real or fake according to it.

All the best.


Thanks i will send you some if ever the 14 days pass.

I have heard help allot. the spiritbox does sweep through radio stations but i guess can still be fake.
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