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Originally Posted by SpiritAwakes
Have you given it to the Spirits to guide you?
Y'know, I haven't and I need to. I'm just learning about my angels and guides. That doesn't come naturally to me yet.

I did, last night, I asked the "Just For Today" Medicine Cards which I should name my business. These cards have little sayings at the bottom. I drew the Eagle. The saying at the bottom is: "Connect with spirit. Feel the freedom found in oneness. Let your spirit soar." When I was fussing with my business cards, I put a saying on there, "Let the spirit move you." What I found this really interesting is, I looked through the rest of the deck, and there is not one other card in there that uses the word 'spirit.'

The other aspect of this is that I used to run a business called "Lionstar Productions." I absolutely love the name "Lionstar" and have a cool logo and everything, but going with "SpiritCaat" in a little way, would kind of be like going forward rather than back. Maybe it's just hard to let go.

BTW, what deck(s) do you like to work with?

The decks I've been using lately are:
The DruidCraft Tarot: Love this deck. The images are just so unique. I just wish it were small enough to shuffle normally.

The Radiant Tarot: I just got this for Christmas and just really love the colors on it. I've also pulled out the Universal Waite deck, which I love, and just got the pocket version of that yesterday. I haven't read with it yet.

One of my favorites, however, is the Aquatic Tarot. It's an unpublished deck, but a few years ago my husband downloaded the images, which the author makes available on his/her website, and he got a beautiful deck made for me. It was a wonderful and such a thoughtful gift. The only problem is that I don't want to use it much for fear that something might happen to it. I use it only to read for myself. I'm looking into getting another deck made so I can have one to keep and one to use. It's an awesome deck.

How about you? What decks are you currently using?