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I think Dr. Greer is referring to the ETs that want to help us and Earth, who are good ETs. But the ones in the Earth's "military industrial complex" are the malevolent ones.

All I know is that Dr. Greer's work in contacting people in government, and also taking groups of people out to contact and bring in ETs/spaceships is awesome. He sells a book/DVD combo of the group encounters with spaceships. It shows Dr. Greer's group flashing lights at the spaceships, and the spaceships flashing lights back at them. Shows other amazing encounters they've had too.

There's one encounter on the DVD (I think it's the Orion section), after letting the beeps and sounds sink into me -- that night a Reptilian visited!

I've never seen a Reptilian before -- or at least never consciously. I woke up and felt the air was different and saw a black vertical line reaching almost to the top of the ceiling. It just hung there, in the air. I don't know how far down it went, past the bed somewhere, I guess. In a few seconds, a hand (from behind the black line) opened up the black line and a Reptilian stepped through. I only focused on his head though (he seemed like a male). But things got weird after seeing his head. Time blipped and his head stayed still while another "second" head of his appeared, looking towards the right. He did not have two heads. It's like time felt very strange, like it was echoing, or something. That's all I remember. The Reptilian didn't seem scary at all. It was me who was scared, just from having another being in the room.

Anyhoo, I think the Reptilian fella was somehow connected to the blips and beeps from the Orion section of Dr. Greer's DVD. At least, that's what it feels like. It was so amazing. But it hasn't happened anymore since then. :(
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