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Originally Posted by anthony c
Hi there

I have been trying to lucid dream for 2 weeks now but no success. I got interested in lucid dreaming a few weeks back when i had a lucid dream spontaneously.

I don't really do a curtain technique but i do reality checks and say to myself before i go to bed that i will lucid dream tonight and i do dream but just not aware in my dreams. I tried setting my alarm for 4 am but when i wake up then i just decide to go back to sleep rather.

Anyone have advice what else to do?


There is a scientific technique that goes even beyond lucid dreaming --- it is called conscious sleep (chetan nidra). It does, however, require meditative discipline.

As one goes to sleep, create a focal point whereby one can sustain the thread of conscious awareness while going to sleep. The focal point can be a particular physical position such as the ajna chakra (the third eye between the eyebrows). It can be the breath though that can act as a sedative and put you to sleep. It can also be a short mantra. It can be a combination of the above. Pick a focal point that works for you as the only purpose of it initially is to sustain consciousness and awareness in the deep sleep state.

As the thoughts dissolve, which is the case when entering deep sleep, one finds one's self in the thought-free deep sleep state. One can then observe a primary urge to create (a thought, an urge, whatever) followed by the mental associations, formation of images, flow of energy into the images, identification with one of the images (normally), and the creation of the dream world. If one does not get entangled, one can shift consciousness between the dream-objects and the dreamer (creator of the dream). This is what many people call "lucid dreaming".

This is a standard yoga technique which obviously requires discipline. I've done it for years until the urges subside and traditional dreams no longer occur.

Yogis who practice conscious sleep have been able to function for years without traditional sleeping on a bed/mat (not me). I personally saw one such yogi at the Khumba Mela in Haridwar, India, in 1998. Their mind becomes so still that there is no need for traditional sleep and words just flow from beyond without thinking. Hence, they cannot repeat what they just said because they are in the moment and the words were not a result of their thought processes.
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