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Originally Posted by ThatMan
I see, thank you! The most difficult thing is to surrender to God and His will, we are mad when it comes to controling our own life, firstly, we chose our way and finally, if it does not work again and again ( we keep on chosing our own ways untill we have no other option ), then we choose another way, sometimes the way of God, the True way.How do you manage to stay in the Love of God when around you is negativity, hate and evil? It's very difficult for me, I feel drained and overwhelmed by the evil of other people, I feel like I become just like them by simply being around them.The thing is that you can't change people and also you can't accept their evil for the sake of love, this is not love.Some people are evil and have no desire to come into the Light, while reading the Word of God I found out that in such cases, it's better to go away from such people.

The practice of Gratefulness is of great value.

Even when feeling ungrateful and being pulled into others negativity.
We can stop and start thanking God and listing all the things we can be grateful for,
and we can also see that God sees and provides for others the same as us.

Then there is forgiveness.
We can see how God forgives us and then we can see others deserve the same forgiveness.

We see that God cannot but help Loving others as he Loves us.(God is Love)

I often ask myself " Am I seeing the glass half empty or half full?"
I can only be giving out of fullness.
It is a matter of changing ones mind. (repenting) Not getting into sorrow but as a child learning.
Repetition, repetition!

Find those simple things that you can practice that work for you.
The more you change negative into positive the heart changes and softens.
Just because I believe it today, doesn't mean I will believe it tomorrow.
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