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Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
Thank You!!!

I have also been to Thailand myself and experienced much love and kindness there too... beautiful place!

Yes, the advert and the whole premise of it is very Buddhist! It is made for Thai people, BY Thai people and expecting a Westerner to understand it...or at least one who hasn't been to Asia...or one who isn't a Buddhist, or Hindu, or even understands any of those philosophies was a pretty huge ask to begin with.

Unfortunately though, I am starting to get particularly racist towards Western Society due to rampant materialism, capitalism and the corruption of spiritual teachings to suit that is horrible!

This advert is beautiful in its simplicity but there is a difference between "simplicity" and "simplistic" and this difference can only be found in Buddhism.

Well, Singapore is infamous for its rampant materialism as is China these days, so I don't think the region is immune from the problems that ail the West. I can certainly understand your perspective, having lived in the West, the East and in between. I still appreciate the gentler pace of life and more spiritual outlook in most of Southeast Asia, though. Much of Europe, North America and Australia is a money-making machine for giant corporations, that is really what they exist for.