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I'm 43 and an Indigo. I have always rebelled. I was what my parents called a difficult child, too clever for my own good!

The schools were always "she is such a lovely child but ..........."

I question everything, I will not accept no or even ignorance as answers or defence. I research and learn and try to impart my knowledge on to others (hubby says I am pushy), but I call it grit and determination. I set myself a goal and go for it. As i have got older I have mellowed out a bit, I am still changing and can feel that I have so much more to absorb and grow and show others the way. I go on marches and protests. When I lived in Canada one of the elders from the First Nations stated "this is your Rainbow child". They were speaking about my eldest who was born in 2002. He is gentle and kind, suffers from depression as he finds the world cruel at times and does not understand why people cannot just get along. He always wants to help, and would love to open an image sanctuary for snakes and corvids.
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